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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 11, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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low 20s. temperatures are 5 or 10 degrees colder this morning. they're 20 degrees colder this mornin than yesterday. so your wake up weather, then, watch out for black ice this morning. if you wake up and go out t door and see snow anywhere in your yard or the neighborhood, be on the look out. that'r means y at most danger forpotting black ice here early this morning. good news is the sun will be up at m16 thisning and it will be a bright and sunny day today with high temperatures in the low 40s and not much of a wind to contend with either. now this cold air will eventually be replaced by milder air and moisture by the weekend. 10-day forecast cing up, melissa. >> thank you. still have this problem. this is inbound branch avenue. with a crash investigation blocking at least a lane. no real word on when it should be wrapping up but it could take some time. inner loop at the beltway, crash blocking the left side. as chuck said, be carefulth wit
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black ice. that's ice on asphalt making it very, ver dangerous. the rest of the beltwayooks good. inner loop and outer loop and gaithersburg, northbound, s frederick avenue this mo there's an investigation into a crash in west virainia. >> the left union station in d.c. yesterday. it was traveling to chicago when it crashed. chris lawrences at the live desk for more on this. >> real quick, we want to let you know that because of that as train 874 is going to leave from brunswick tod instead of martinsburg. you can see the gates there it apparently stalled out.
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108 passengers and crew were on board. fortunately, none of them were injured. >> chris, thank you. it's4:32. new details this morning in the murder of a 10-year-old girl in washington. five months after her death, her mother says there are still ments when she feels overwhelmed. hen of them was last friday d.c. police announced the 7th arrest in her murder. the little girl w shot and killed in july while out for ice cream. detectives say more arrests are possible. >> to know they're off the street, i'm happy for that. but it's just overwhelming to know people can be so heartless.
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>> she makes it point to go to every court hearing in her daughter's case. >> paul manafort expected in court today. last week, special counsel robert mueller's team argued manafort broke his plea deal by noteing forthcoming about his contact with russians during the campaign. expected to m is file a formal response. during interviews with agents, manafort told multiple discernible lies. his team denied that claim. meanwhile, major development in a criminal case with links to russia. she is expected tohange her plea on wednesday.
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she is expected to change her plea from not guilty to guilty. brandon billingsly worked for the fire department. he crashed last month in damascus. captain billingsly w off duty and no one was hurt. >> a judge ordered dylan to remain in jail without bond. he is accused of killing aeal estate representatives inside a model home. detectives say he was killed during a random robbery. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. he wasehanging a t on the side of the road.
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he faces a felony hom aide char multiple dui charges. he was a 20 year veteran o the d.c. fire department. >> today first lady melania s trump wilnd time giving back. later this morning she'll help with the marine corps reserve toys for tots program. time magazine will announce the person the year. >> that's said to be the person that influenced the most news. yesterday the magazine revealed the list of minees. among them, meghan marke. sh is the american actress tha becameritish royalty. she and prince harry are accepting their first child in the sprins. >> also christine blasey ford who accused brett kanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party when they were in high school. >> a group of students that
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survived the parkland school shooting made the list as well the announcement will happen this morning on the "today" show and not only will the choic will revealed but the magazine editor will explain why. >> always interesting to see why they made the choice t. y ma >> today marks two weeks to go until christmas and your e-mails inbox full of coupons and offers from retailers asking for your >>business. e aware, a new scam is hoping you'll click o a link. >> plus, say it ain't so. the cdc says stay awayrom eating raw cookie dough. stay with us, your time is 4:30.
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>> don't eat the raw cookie dough. eggs.not the it's the flour. you're eating raw flour and could run the risk of illness. in 2016, an e.coli outbreak linked to efflour 63 people
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sick. >> well it's not only raw cookie do dough to stay away from this morning. but also e-mail scams. there's two new phhing e-mails popping up in inboxes. they ask people to confirm purchases that were never made.a they hope you'll open the e-mail and click on the link to view thepurchase when you click the link you may inadvertently download malware to your computer. >> there hadth to be sog. >> the snow has moved on, but this morning, icing is an issue. >> it certainly is. temperatures have fallen into the teens and 0s thismorning. so be on the look out for some spots of black ice here ethly morning. the next couple of days are ooking dry but when i see y next week, i'll time-out what part of yourriy is most likely to be wet.
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the white house on edge today. president trump continues his search for a third chief of aff in two years. ecial counsel robert mueller is said to be nearing the end of his russia investigation and now a budget battle. in a mter ofours the president will need to meet with democratic leaders to talkbout spending. >> in days the deadline to pass we budget will be missed and may be facing another partial government shutdown. tracy, this border wall is the big issue. >> it is the big issue and it's the thing that may cause a stalemate between the white house and democrats thatonill be taking over parts of congress. the top docrats heaver to the white house this morning to try to negotiate something with
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president trump. what he wants, $5 billion as a down payment on the border wall. what they're offering, 1.3 billion, that includes the money for fencing but they don't want to see a border wall. they don't think democrats will approve that and there's a finite amount of time to deal th here. the budget deadline a week from friday, december 21st and after that, in january, over the house and negotiating could be even harder. >> all right. tracie potts,hank you. >> 4:46 right now. dramatic moments outside of office of nancy pelosi. hundreds of students packed the halls demanding a select committee on climate change solutions be established. 138 protestors were arrested. it appears the fight overt init 77 here in the district is heating up. it was approved in june. it required employees to pay tipped workers the same as other
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employees. but the d.c. council intends to appeal it before it can even take effect. ey actually did that. in an effort to stop the council from makinghis a non-starter, a petition known as referendum s been circulating and now it says that robo calls out trying to dissuade voters from signing it. the referendum needs 25,000 signatures to move forward. >> now to a developing story from texas. a formerraternity president at baylor university was charged with sexual assault and will serve no jail time as part of a plea deal. >> jacob anders is charged with four counts of sexual sault and a no contest plea deal yesterday he was sentenced to years probation and a $400 fine. also under the terms of t deal, he will not have to register as a sex offender, but he wil have to complete a
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mandatory sexual offender treatment program. >> outrage inci new yor over this moment caught on camera. nypd officers tried t grab a baby from the mother's arms after she refused to stand up. this happened at a social service office in brooklyn. the 23-year-old mother was sitting on the floor of a crowded waiting room for hours hoping to find out why h care benefits ended. when she refused to stand up for security officers, they called police. she is charged with resisting arrest obstruction and trespassing. >> the hov lanes on i-395 are back open after a major pile up yesterday. take alook, nearly a dozen vehicles including some big rig trucks and taxis collided in the hov lanes. it brought traffic there to a stand still for several hours.
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hawsat c were called in to deal with leaking fluid from some of the vehicles. >> any time you see a car raised up or elevated, you think, it's aad pretty crash. >> no one was seriously hurt. the cause of that crash was unknown but virginia statece poli say weather does not appear to be a factor. if you needed more proof that a dog is man's best friend, take a look at paradise, california. paradise was the town all but destroyed during last month's wildfires. dozens of people were killed there. hundreds of homes were lost. that was t caseor andrea that had to leave so fast she didn't en have time to find her two dogs. she was allowed back home last week and found her house had been destroyed. yard g in the front however, keeping watch over her property was her loyal dog madison. making the moment even eeter, she was told a short time after
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that that miguel had also been found bylu eers. both dogs not only alive, but in pretty good shape. >>hat's incredible. they might be tresourcefuloo to survive that devastating fire. aming. >> it appears dogs are not only good for standing guard but for throwing parties too. at least on capitol hill that's the case. >> members of congress came together to celebrate with their dogs. >> it's a nice way to lighten the mood and bring peoplth toge and show we do have some common interests here on the hill and can get along. >> nothing like dogs to bring people together. that was florida congressman who organized the event. he actually lost re-election last month and says he hopes it remains an annual tradition even after his departure. >> clean up will continue today following this weekenins blast
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of wr weather. while some youngsters enjoyed a day off school, adults spent the day shoveling. electric companies had to remove tree branches and pare power lines. others are keeping a positive outlook to help them get into the holiday spirit. >> it's finally seasonal and then the snow e makesverybody much more in a festive mood. >> as you mentioned earlier, the storm continues to impact portions of our area, spotslvania and king george county schools are closed today. page, stafford, fredericksburg and culpeper schools are also on a delay. those are on the nbcn washing app. >> now it's so cold tevt ything froze. >> plenty of sunshine yesterday afternoon. everything started melting off the grass and on to the sidewalks and once the sun went
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wn it didn't take long until we were back below freezing. it's a hard freeze this morning. we're not just barely below it, even though that's all you would need, we're way below. 28 in washington.n we're d to 17 at gaithersburg. 16 atmanassas. 22 at prince george's county and a real outlier for how cold it could be this morning, stanton down to 2 degrees above ro. that is cold. here's your hour by hour planner then, for day. here's the good news. sunny, sunny, sunny, all day long. sun is a up 7:16. down at 4:46. in theon highs will pea low 40s across most of the area under an increasingly sunny sky. area of low pressure has caused all the mess down to the south. that's eventually working it's way off of the coastline. still a few clouds over southern
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maryland. future weather brings an improving weather picture to us. that getti off the coast of north carolina moving away. that leaves us in sunshine around here for today and for most of tomorrow as well. not looking like a big deal but something we could keep alose eye on. rain is likely to begin apotentially as early friday morning but by noontime on friday it will be raining and a lot o rain as temperat briefly near 60 and then weather lingers on into your sunday. so melissa, renjoy y tuesday sunshine. >> i will. thank you, thank you. taking a look in clinto inbound branch avenue, still have this crash investigation
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blockinglane. we do see that delay through the area. inner loop at the wabe two left lanes are getting by the work zone. the rest of the beltway looks okay and even through the kennel worth avenue stretch there it's actually pretty open. gaithersburg, northbound, south frederick avenue at deer park >> this is a fear for anyone driving late at night. look at that. four deer on the road late at night last week. the deer, they don't even care that the cars are coming. they jump out whenever they want. it happened sofast. the trooper was unable to slow
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down. >> y could see it between the -- below the window here. >> the bear reached right through the screen and stole a bag of dogfood and took off. >> i don't know why when i think of florida i'm thinking gators. i'm not thinking bears. >> you should. >> a new f warningm trefighters. >> crews sayre have been 20 calls from residential and commercial fire. it's the lint. you may already be aware of how flammae it can be b the cold weather makes the problem worse and more dangerous. >> with it bei cold and moist and the hot, warm air coming in, it's going to stay clinging to
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the vent itself causing a build up of the lint. >> what can you do? clean that lint filter every time you use the drier. pull it away from the wall and clean the back and check the vent for damage and make sure th the outdoor vent opens it's little things that people don't think about. >> a shuown day away for most parts of the d.c. hospital. nurses there are hoping that something can be done. more on the trouble force provid hospital next on news 4 today. >> package thieves are not hard to find this time ofhe year but a camera caught a child stealing off sorcone's now police are trying to track down the adults that may have been pulling the strings. more of that coming up at 5:00 more of that coming up at 5:00 da news 4 to
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[ music winding down ] they're a great decision for snacktime. allowing the band to practice at your house... not a great decision. keep it real. keep it tyson any'tizers. a shutdown show down is brewing at the >> more cases of a potentially deadly virus are popping up at the university of maryland. now the school has a plan to hopefully end this reou. >> good morning, everybody. fast approaching 5:00 a.m. >> thanks for joining us. we have a few school closings
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and delays this morning. spotslyvania and king george are closed today. it is super cold out there chuck. >> temperatures areallen into the teens and 20s. if you had snow the other oday the look out for black ice early this morning. that will be the case again today. hatever was melting when the sun went down quickly refroze. sunny and dry again for today and for tomorrow morning we'll probably aot see theunt of black


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